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The Basics of mechanical Link's Treatments

Through Mechanical Link's approach Monique treats the causes of the problem rather than to focus on treating the symptoms.

Osteopathic Lesions

Lesions can occur at any time during a person's life, beginning with gestation, and can be the result of accidents, such as car crashes, falls, blows to the head, birth trauma, and the aftermath of surgery or dental work. They can also be caused by poor habits of movement or posture, and emotional issues, such as grief after the loss of a loved one, stress, and diverse emotional trauma. Lesions exist in everyone and generally consist of a combination of physical and emotional trauma in their origins.

The body has a finite capacity to absorb these traumas and to continue functioning in a healthy manner. When a body has reached a limit in its ability to absorb trauma without consequence, illness and pain inevitably follow. Lesions can be primary or secondary. Primary lesions are the actual sources of impairment in function. Secondary lesions are caused by the primary structural problems, and these lesions will resolve spontaneously when the primary lesions are released.

Whole Body Connection

The body is designed in such a way that one part cannot be affected without other parts being affected as well. For example, if we were to visualize the arrangement of soft tissue in the body as a cloth spread out on a table and then tweak one corner of the cloth, we would see that by changing one area of tension in the cloth, all the rest of the surface tension of the cloth would change as well.

Thus, a Mechanical Link practitioner can release body tension in a specific area to help the healing process without directly touching it. For example, it is possible to correct a misaligned jaw by healing the structural problems in the pelvis, ankles, skull, and neck that are pulling the tendons and ligaments in the jaw out of their correct alignment.


Mechanical Link was developed as an efficient method of evaluating the entire body in a single session, determining which the primary lesions are and targeting them for treatment. Any one of the systems that govern the body can be addressed. Through Mechanical Link's approach, an experienced practitioner can evaluate and treat the musculoskeletal, digestive, respiratory, circulatory, lymph, endocrine, cranial, and nervous systems.

A typical session consists of gentle palpation on the body to determine where the lesions reside. The practitioner will then determine which lesions are primary by using a technique called inhibitory balancing; which ables the practitioner to determine the most important blockages. They are the ones that are targeted for treatment.