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Restore the Rhythm of Your Body

Monique Bureau believes that the key to restoring the body to a state of health and full vigor lies in its natural rhythm. Through these treatments, your body’s natural harmony, which was interrupted by lesions, will be brought back to life.

Manual Therapy

Practitioners of manual therapy are trained to feel the body for osteopathic lesions. A lesion is defined as something in the body that should move freely but does not. The body is in perpetual movement at all times. Even when we are still, we have many internal rhythms.

There are the obvious rhythms of the pulse and the breath, but there are many others as well, including the rhythm and movement of the digestive organs, the pumping of the lymphatic fluids, the rhythmic pumping of the cerebrospinal fluid as it bathes the brain and spinal cord. Any disruption of these rhythms can cause impairment in the body's ability to function and adversely affect health and well being.

Holistic Approach